so guys this is my final post here.
I have worked together with Sten to make a website for me with some kind of blog worked in it.
so this is my final post here and I hope I'll be able to maintain my new website better then ever.
There will still happen some minor changes on the website itself but I'll keep everyone updated on www.verschilde.be about that.

Die young, or live forever? will stay online, though there won't be any new updates anymore.

I hope you all like the new website!



Ieperfest 2009

Ieperfest edition 2009 was awesome. I had a lot of fun, I met a lot of new people. I've learn some more stuff as well about like a hell lot of stuff.
And I took some pictures from some bands on day one and day two. Third day I didn't took any pictures because well let's say the after parties were fucking awesome.

Thursday was the pre-fest where I only saw Fundamental play. didn't had my camera with me though. They had a lot of technical problems in the beginning of their set, PA stuff... Also their guitarist was on holiday therefor Levy took over his place and Bram (ex-losing streak) took the vocal duty on him. The vocals of Bram gave Fundamental a very different atmosphere then normally though. Anyway it was still good!

Friday was like awesome.. I Got to see Teenage Lust for the half of their set, I saw Outrage, xkingdomx, The number twelve looks like you, a bit of bane and Terror.
Outrage was awesome, xkingdomx was emotional (and awesome), Bane was nice and terror was chaos..


The Number Twelve Looks Like You


On Saturday I saw a bit more bands although I missed some bands I wanted to see (balance, deal with it, gold kids and ON).
However, I did see Oathbreaker, The Effort, Lewd Acts, Soul Control, Raein(only a bit); Trash Talk, Liar(again only a bit), 108 and Rise and Fall!
What I remember from Saturday is That The Effort was even better then I expected, Lewd Acts was very fucking awesome, Soul Control surpassed my expectations, Trash Talk was like fucking hell, 108 was sick and Rise & Fall had been a while since I've seen them this good(excited for the Bruges show oh hell yes)!


The Effort

Lewd Acts

Soul Control

Trash Talk


Rise and Fall

And like I mentioned before, the after parties on Friday and Saturday night were fucking awesome and I totally broke down on sunday because of this. Which I totally do not regret. I did see some bands like Chuck Ragan, Polar Bear Club, Set Your Goals and The Setup.
I enjoyed every bit of the fest and on the other hand I am glad it is over for another year.


oh before I forget, the plans have been delayed for a few days or whatever so I guess you'll see what's happening in a bit!